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w3xplorers is basically a Multi-platform Software Development Organization (MSDO). We are specialized in solving your business problems by bringing our expertise in software product planning and development, state-of-the-art technologies, such as object- oriented client-server application development, e-commerce tools, distributed object computing, JAVA, advanced graphical interfaces, etc. and applying them for your information systems and customized software products.
We have already performed software development for the manufacturing organization, single & corporate entrepreneurs, garments & knitting industry, shipping & freight forwarders company, container depot and more other offices & industries.
We are proud to let you know that our software is leading most of the shipping & container depot organization in Bangladesh since 2008.


1. Automatic Business Process: By implementing this software you can automate your business process and your operation will be much-more faster compared to existing manual process.
2. Reduce Operating Cost: Customize software may reduce your total operating cost by proper management & manipulating of your total man-hours, raw materials, human resources, accuracy calculation, pilferage control etc.
3. Reduce NBE (Non-Budgetary-Expenses): customize software may reduce NBE by manipulating proper use of your resources.
4. Optimize Labor Efficiency: By implementing customize automated software you can monitor your labor activities more accurately and dynamically you can re-distribute the overall process.
5. Better Plan & Utilize Full Capacity: Customize software may help you to utilize your full capacity i.e. man-machine relationship and their proper distributions.
6. Reduce Selling Expenses & Lower Cost: By controlling selling expenditures through proper checking & monitoring you can make benefits by lowering your product cost.
7. Measure Performance against Goal: you can easily measure each and every perspective of your performance against your target, investment and achievements.
8. Minimize Returns & Rework: An accurate calculation may increase your product efficiency and thus percentage of your product return and order cancellation will minimize tremendously.
9. Maximize Revenue Growth: By using our customize software you can maximize revenue growth enormously, while software will connect you to each and every department and their corresponding regular work monitoring from your desktop.
10. Easy to Complete in Global Environment: Today’s market is running very faster and they all are using high-tech computer technology to compete the global market. Without the use of software technology you can’t fight the global market very easily.
11. Delivery Accuracy: You will find all the calculation into your production level 99.99% accuracy by proper monitoring your productions.
12. Reduce System Loss: During production abnormal losses like misuse of raw materials, wastage from machine, damage though mishandling etc. and their percentages are too high and invisible most of the time which creates much system loss and increase production cost. Software can make you to calculate each and every misusage and their unique value which you can specify and control accordingly.
13. Shorten time to Market: Software will help you to calculate you each and every section for order/project costing and thus you can make them marketing from the very beginning prior to start of your project/order.
14. Run with Confidence: By using a customize software you can run your organization with confidence and make sure that your organization will never make any loss anymore.


1. Analyze Buying Process: For making order estimate you will be more accurate and make sure the steps of analysis process for buying raw materials.
2. Understand Customers Better: You can monitor the performance of your each and every customer and thus you can make priority level for your customer.
3. Excellent control on Target Marketing: By proper distribution of your product you can make excellent control on your target marketing and you can evaluate your performance accordingly.
4. Dynamic Sales Strategies: By using our software you can make changes very rapidly to your sales strategies and management them dynamically.
5. Discover Market and Product Opportunities: By analyzing your product consumption accurately you can discover your market trend and your products opportunities.
6. Discover Market and Product Threads: At the same time you can also calculate your market and products future and the threads from the market by making all the related information readily to your desk.
7. Pinpoint Supply Chain weakness: You can monitor your product supply and distributions and their regular consumptions. And this way you can control the chain of weakness and supply priority.
8. Eliminate Inventory & Associated Costs: You can check and control your inventory and related costs savings.
9. Spot Strategic Trends in Product Mix or Cost structure: You can change Strategic decision by classifying your business/product’s trend instantly. Same thing you can continue in your product mix and cost structure process.
10. Pilferage Control: In production Related organization it is very tough to control pilferage while it is manipulating through manually. By using the software you can count every details and control pilferage accordingly.


1. User Friendly Graphics Interface: We emphasize on user’s each and every requirements. Thus our software becomes most user friendly with classical graphics interface.
2. Multistage Operations & Managements: Our software will operate multi-level of operations and make easy to manage all the activities very easily.
3. Complete Customizations to meet client’s each & every desires: Our software is fully customized for our valued clients by satisfying every desire and their requirements.
4. Online Help & Documentation: Our software can assure you help instantly and online documentation is ready on a single click.
5. Project & Decision Support: You can classify your projects at a glance and get decision support from our customized software.
6. Workflow Management: Our software will make you understand the total workflow easily.
7. High-end Security Control: Our software has high-tech security level & strictly controlled. Thus you can prevent you to view all of your information to the target group/level or users.


w3xplorers is committed to its clients and end-users and social inhabitants and all well wishers. Below is a synopsis of its commitments:
w3xplorers is very much liberal to customize your each and every desires and related problems.
w3xplorers always ensure minimum affordable price considering the current market share of IT resource usage and human living status.
w3xplorers committed to long run business activities by providing customers fullest satisfaction in the long run.
w3xplorers identify your desires and research them, finally evolved new system for you and your staff-members error free smooth business operations.
w3xplorers committed in quality and best efforts goes to ensuring Quality in all respect.

Our Clients

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