Attendance system

An attendance management system is an essential part of any institution management software that uses the biometric attendance management system or an access card to maintain a quick and accurate record of the student/employee attendance and provides timely summaries and records when needed.

Why does your institute need an attendance management system?

1.  Enhance Speed & Accuracy

Using a students attendance management module eliminates the need for manual attendance which is a long and cumbersome process. Teachers can simply mark the student’s attendance using the attendance module in just a tap. Thus it save extra effort and time that would usually go into marking attendance manually. This system is faster and more accurate system, avoids incorrect data entry, duplication and helps reduce mundane paperwork.

2. Automatic Report Generation

Very often teachers need to access the attendance report of students either for disciplinary reasons or for parent- teachers meetings. Using a attendance management module ensures that reports are created at the click of a button. School authorities can also access summaries, trend reports related to the attendance records.

3. Enhances Punctuality

While the manual attendance conducted daily by teachers enforces daily attendance, using a cloud-based online attendance software ensures that the arrival time of each student is accurately recorded so that the monitor tardiness and teach students the importance of punctuality.

4. Alerts to Parents

Using an online attendance management system makes it easy for parents to get automatic alerts of days that their students are not in class. This would not be possible in a manual attendance system but using the school management software, that stores all the communication data of the parents, it is easier than ever for parents to stay updated on their child’s daily school attendance. This also helps parents stay abreast of the number of classes missed by their child.

5. Staff Attendance Management

The attendance management system can also be used to track the attendance of the teachers and the various staff. It also allows for easy calculation of leaves and tracks working days and hours with ease and accuracy using either an access card or biometric attendance system

Today, attendance management is an essential requirement for every school, college and educational institute. Automation of the attendance system frees the teaching authorities from mundane tasks and saves precious classroom time that can be invested in teaching the students.

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